About Us


Snooze EZ  was created due to the “not-so-ez” accessibility of information there is out there on the net about sleep.  Sure, you can find it……if you really DIG deep enough, but who wants to do that!? Anyway, this site originated from a much smaller site that was first created about sleep apnea and cpap therapy.

We quickly recognized it could be so much bigger with all the questions we were receiving, so we decided to move on to bigger things and cover the whole sleep area instead of just sleep apnea. Hopefully, this will be one of your one-stop sources for all things sleep related in the future. We have big goals for this site.

The objective here is that you should be able to find sleep information easily, and no matter what your issue is, find that particular information you need to get that good sleep back that you’ve been missing.

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Snooze EZ