8 Reasons Why I Sleep Better Than You

How To Sleep Better

If we all could get quality, non-interrupted, better sleep every single night, we all would be a lot better off.  So, how do we sleep better? Sleep is so underrated and taken for granted in our fast-pace world that the lack of it is changing people for the worst and they don’t even know it.

Yet, you are here because you are looking for ways on how to sleep better, so kudos to you for realizing it is SUPER important! I am going to go over the 8 reasons I probably sleep better than you. No, I’m not bragging. I just thought it was a catchy title! Though, all these reasons are honestly things I do to get better sleep. They are all-natural and just about anybody can do them. Lets dive in!

I Go To Bed At The Same Time

Sounds simple enough, but it really isn’t for most people including me many nights. It is easy to let “life” prevent you from getting in bed. There is always something to do and things can’t get done by their self right?

We will talk more on that in a later reason. Anyway, going to bed just one hour later, or even 30 minutes sometimes, than usual can make your next day a miserable one. You may wake up feeling okay, but wait till that “after-lunch feeling” hits.

You normally will notice you just simply don’t have the usual energy. Getting your body in rhythm to go to sleep every night around the same time (within 30 minutes) can prove wonders to sleeping better.

If you go to bed at different times then your body can never get in sync and you will have trouble falling asleep many nights and may find yourself napping during the day.

Example of what I do: I get up every morning at 6 AM and go to bed every night between 9:30 and 10 PM.  If I go to bed at 10:30, I am pushing my “feel good” luck the next day. If I go to bed at 11, then write it down, my next day is going to be rough!

how to sleep better

I Don’t Eat or Drink 2 Hours Before Bed

There are a few reasons I get better sleep as a result of this. One, your body has to continue to work while you are sleeping to break down those foods and drinks. When your body is working, you have a less likely chance of sleeping better because your body is not in a relax state.

Your body is supposed to be in shut-down mode so it can replenish and regenerate during the night.

Two, is nocturia. It is just a fancy way of saying “having to get up and pee in the middle of the night”. This problem affects over 65% of older adults according to the National Sleep Foundation.

The objective is to sleep all night right!? If you are drinking before bed, you are just asking for a midnight pee run.

And three, is acid reflux. Even if you don’t think you have it, you can still have acid reflux in the middle of the night and never know it which makes you not sleep as well. Bad morning breath is a good sign.

Yes, we all normally have bad morning breath, but some more serious than others. So drinking and eating before bed is just a bad idea and is just another reason you may not be getting the amount of sleep you need.

I Get at Least 8 Hours

In my example above you may have noticed I get about 8 hours sleep every night. Everything you read usually says 7-8 hours sleep is the recommended amount of sleep you should get.

Everyone is different, but everyone should at least get 7 hours minimum. If you feel good or normal with 7 hours a day when you have a good night’s sleep, then 7 may be all you need.

With me, 7 is not enough. I need 8 and I can’t stress how important this is to sleeping better and feeling better. If you get at least 7 then just try 8 for a while and see how you feel.

If you get at least 8 and don’t sleep good then try decreasing to 7 first, then if that don’t work try 9. Yes, try 9. My wife usually gets 9 hours a night and if she don’t, I may be in for a rough day no matter how much sleep I get….if you know what I mean.

I Don’t Look at Screens Before Bed

This is mainly for two reasons. One, looking at light when you are about to go to sleep is never good. When your eyes see all that light, it sends signals to your brain that it is still day time and time to stay awake.

So, watching TV or scrolling through Facebook on your phone or tablet is a no-no before bed.

Reason number two is you are actively using your brain when watching or doing these things. You want to shut down your mind, not keep it thinking about how Felicia and her kids are doing on Facebook just because you read her heart-felt message.

You want to do whatever it is you do that makes you relax before bed which could be a hot bath or reading a book (reading makes most people sleepy even though you may be thinking that is actively engaging your mind).

I Exercise and Have Sex

Yup. There is no time for beating around the bush here. Sex is a big positive on how to sleep better. It is proven in studies.

It helps you release lots of stress and helps you relax so you can fall asleep easier. Now this does not mean go run a mile before you go to bed because it’s not the same exercise.

It will actually have the reverse effect and keep you awake.

You need to run or exercise at least 3 or 4 hours before bed or it will ramp you up. Sex is the only exception. Do both if you can.

Exercise earlier in the day and have sex with your partner before bed is like the ultimate sleep-better cure.

I Keep it Cool

No, not my style, my room! Keeping your bedroom cool at a nice 65-70 degrees is optimal for getting better sleep.

I cover up with a sheet and blanket all year long, including the Summer ,because I keep my room cool. Getting hot while you sleep is the ultimate sleep killer. It will cause you to toss and turn and eventually wake up.

Also worth mentioning, is keeping my bedroom dark and clean. We don’t want any light, as mentioned before, that can prohibit sleep.

Yet, we also don’t want it so dark that light can’t get in when the sun comes up. So keep the electric lights out, but let the natural light in. That actually helps keep your body in rhythm like we talked about earlier.

Also, a clean room makes everything seem cozier so I can relax. If everything is dirty I am more prone to worry.

I Write My Worries Down

Speaking of worries and things to do like I mentioned earlier, I write them down. Sometimes, things just need to wait. And those things can wait till tomorrow, but we don’t want to go to bed thinking about them so much that it prevents us from getting much needed sleep.

Let them go and write them down or journal them in your phone or whatever you need to do to get it off your mind.

Worrying about things equals stress and we want sleepy slumber, not stress.

I Bought an Expensive Bed

I financed it! And, it was and is worth it. Think about it this way. You sleep 1/3 of your life, or should. You need GOOD, BETTER sleep to make your life better so investing into a good bed is a must!

Everyone is different when it comes to bed preference, but mine is a double-pillow type mattress and is very soft. It is what I am used to and what helps me sleep my best.

Memory foam mattresses have really been catching on the past few years. I don’t have one, but people swear by them and this one is a very popular one and not too expensive if interested.

Without a comfortable bed, none of the reasons we have talked about will help you sleep better. You will wake up so many times in the night and wind up laying on your back, staring at the ceiling, and cussing your mattress. You want to be able to get in your bed and have a sigh of relief from how good it feels.

This is the number 1 reason I sleep well and is the first step. I left it for last because it is so important and readers are more likely to remember the last thing they read.

So, in final, if your mattress is not comfortable then you probably will not sleep better anytime soon.