How to Have Sex Dreams – Getting Lucid

Ohhhh…if you could only dream what you want every night and also remember it! If you only could! Well, it is almost impossible to do it every night, but like anything, practice can make you good at having lucid dreams.

I’m Aaron, sleep specialist. When people research lucid dreaming, they normally have one of two things in mind.  One, is how to have flying dreams. Two, is how to have sex dreams, which is what we will vow to conquer in this article.

You are here for the latter, of course, so lets cut to the chase and get straight to the best known methods on how to dream about sex.

Sleep Position

Simply, by sleeping on your stomach with your arms above your head can increase your chances of having a sex dream according to a study that was published in the journal called Dreaming.

They were also more likely to have dreams about bondage or hooking up with a celebrity.

The bondage part is attributed to having your arms above your head, but the celebrity connection, I am guessing has more to do with what they are thinking about before sleeping. More on that later.

In theory, you are more likely to have a sex dream by sleeping on your tummy because your genital area gets rubbed/touched to the bed while you sleep.

I can vouch for this! 9 times out of 10 when I have a sex dream, I wake up on my belly hunching my bed.  The thought is funny, but it is true!

Sleep Clothing

Either don’t wear anything or wear something sexy-feeling to bed. By going to bed naked you create more freedom and feeling for your body while you sleep.

This accompanied with snuggling with your partner can also lead to having that fantasy dream you yearn for.

If you choose to wear something, make it a minimum if you are a guy, and make it a sexy night gown if you are a lady.

The right mindset before you go to sleep is the key in the clothing or lack there of.

The Mind

Speaking of mindset, it is all about the mind in the first place. Your mind does the dreaming so you must give the mind what it needs by preparing it.

And the way we prepare it, is by thinking about what we want to dream about. On this occasion, it is of course, sex.

Try thinking about it the entire time you are trying to fall asleep. You should drift off to sleep thinking about it and you may get lucky and the thoughts continue when you are asleep.


The Erotic Dream

Getting Lucid

Once you are in fact dreaming, and know you are dreaming (the key), the task is still not over. However, congratulations for achieving the hardest step.

If you wake up the next morning disappointed, then try again and again. Practice does not make perfect with dreams, because they are so weird, but it definitely helps!

Anyway, you are now dreaming and are aware that you are. This is lucid dreaming. Though, you have not come this far to fail/not have sex. Now, let’s get vivid!

Don’t Lose the Dream

If you think you can just walk over to somebody and start doing the hanky panky, think again. Dreams, more times than not, have rules per-say that your mind creates just because we are wired to be moral in some way.

Walking over to the person in your dream and attempting the act, right then and there, will typically go against the deep senses of your brain and can cause all sorts of weird things to go wrong.

The most popular, terrible outcome is the person changes or transforms to an ugly person, creature, or even an object.

Then, before you know it, you lose the dream all together and you find yourself running through a field or awake in your bed calling yourself a loser, for example. That is exactly what we DO NOT want to happen.

Treat the Dream like Real-life

Dream characters work a lot like real people. Your mind makes it that way because that is what it knows.

The best advice to follow is you can control who the person is and even the situation, since it is your dream, but don’t try and control the person in your dream just because you know that it is a dream.

When you start trying to do this, things usually go awry. Besides, who wants to have sex with a robot? This is basically what you are doing and why your brain may not play along.

The best thing to do is treat them like you would someone that you know is attracted to you. This should be self explanatory, but to be brief, flirt by making eye contact, smile, caress them, kiss them, and it leads to the goal.