What Is A Sleep Study Test?

sleep study

A sleep study test is an overnight exam that allows doctors to measure your sleeping habits for any possible sleep disorders. Maybe your doctor suggested you get a sleep study, or sleep apnea test, and you have no idea what all it entails and you may even be a little nervous. No worries, we are … Read more

How To Calm Anxiety to Sleep?

anxiety and insomnia

Many things can cause anxiety and many things can cause insomnia. You put the two together, and it turns into a devastating combo. You may know or you wouldn’t be reading this article right? The two problems, anxiety and insomnia, coexist together so well that it is hard to even tell which is causing the … Read more

What Causes Snoring?

Did you know that over 45% of people snore at least part of the time? And 25% of those are chronic snorers. Snoring is more often seen in males and in people who are overweight and it gradually gets worse with age. There are over 400 devices that are registered under U.S. Patent and Trademark … Read more

Statistics Sleep Deprivation

sleep habits

How Much Sleep Do I Need? Sleep, as you should know, is important. The problem is most people do not realize just how important. It is common for people to think “I got 6-7 hours of sleep. I’m good”. Think again. Most adults between 18-65 need 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep to fully function … Read more

CPAP Alternative For Sleep Apnea

night shift

Lets say it straight out from the beginning and get it out of the way, wearing a CPAP mask sucks! We know it, you know it, and you wouldn’t be looking for a CPAP alternative for sleep apnea if you didn’t. The good news is yes, there are other sleep apnea treatment options available. The … Read more